This is the finished film; I hope it does credit to the individuals involved. Enjoy!

Untitled from Becca T on Vimeo.


I still need to add an overall introduction, some textual additions to frames as characters are introduced, and subtitles to one scene. Do you think the ending needs summarising?

Untitled from Becca T on Vimeo.


It still needs a lot of work with minor tweaking, scene transitions and some additional sections to add. There is some disjuncture towards the end, so I would welcome suggestions as to how to create a more flowing narrative.

Untitled from Becca T on Vimeo.

Some questions to help with feedback:

What themes could you pick out?
Did you feel that it was an accurate representation of the clients?
Were there any parts that you thought were unclear or confusing?
Were there any moments that you felt were particularly moving, or otherwise successful?
Were there any sections that you thought were too slow? Or too fast?
Did you think that the length of the film was too short or too long?
Do you think that it adds anything different to other material on homelessness that you have seen?
Do you have any general comments or thoughts on the film?

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